Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hello, good morning.

Have you seen Gaga's Alejandro video? I am intrigued by her minimalist makeup and toned palette of colors in both wardrobe and set design. I suppose minimalism is a mode of operation for me due to both lack of time and lack of confidence in my body after childbirth. Yes my sweetie pies, I have a bebe who is not quite an infant and yet not quite a toddler. Similarly, my body post her birth is not quite a model-waif and yet not quite a whale. On most days, I must force myself to get dressed and think really hard about an outfit.

Today, I am craving a Penelope Cruz look in Sahara - a sexy archeologist brainiac with a passion for luxury. What do you think of this ensemble?

1. Banana Republic - Safari shirt

2. MET Store - Egyptian Snake Bracelet

3. Mud Cargo Capris similar to those worn by Kourtney Kardashian

4. Cordanie Calzature Wedge Sandals

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