Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Shu Shu Away Mean Girl!

Ok lovelies, I think I have come to the conclusion that I am being bullied at work. How does one outspoken lady who doesn't take crap from anyone find herself in this situation? Well, for once, it's the fear of being just "another fish in the pond" in thid muddy, swamppy, economy. Also, I suppose it's my own naive nature and innate belief that everyone's actions are sincere and pure. Boy, have I learned my lesson this week!

First, "blondie" spun me in a verbal-abuse centrifuge yesterday in the morning for her lack of understanding of my morning routine. Yes, you heard me right. She wasn't clear at what time I wake up or go to bed, and essentially ridiculued me publically for "not being clear". Then, today "brunettie" laughed out loud when I speculated that one unnamed cellular carrier has spotty service with regard to iPhones but not other phones. She proudly proclaimed that service is uniform for all phones. Then, she followed it up with a sarcastic laugh and had to wipe the venom off her face when my techie colleague informed her that she was wrong.

So, I ask you ladies (and one man reading this): why do women fall into the trap of hurting each other? Is it just a stereotype which we use to categorize other types of anger or frustration or is it a serious and real phenomenon?

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